Meet Our Qualified Doctors

Animal Hospital of East Barrie Team

  • Dr Surinder Gandhara, DVM
  • Dr Vik Sharma, DVM

Meet Our Qualified Doctors

Animal Hospital of East Barrie Team

Dr Vik Sharma, DVM

I have been practicing veterinary medicine for more than 15 years and have owned the Animal Hospitalof East Barrie since 2009.I have always loved working with animals and contributing to their health and wellness. I have a keen interest in surgery and dentistry along with routine healthcare for pets. When not working at the hospital, I like to be physically active and enjoy long walks in nature. I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music and working out.

Dr. Surinder Gandhara, DVM

Everyday I go to work

with a hope that today

I will meet new kittens and puppies,

I will be able to control your dogs vomiting,

I will be able to relieve the pain of a limping dog,

I will be able to control the Blood glucose of a diabetic cat,

I will be able to remove stones from a cat’s urinary bladder

As an owner and practicing veterinarian, my life revolves around helping our furry family members. I have been practicing veterinary medicine since 2008. Practicing medicine brings new challenges every day, and I look forward to facing what each day has in store. I have learned through my years’ experience that every pet exam, every procedure and every surgery still needs thorough attention to detail. Since my patients cannot speak for themselves, I value the best possible communication with pet owners.

At the end of day, it is always satisfying to watch relieved and happy patient going home.

Dr. Devkaran Singh

Greetings! I’m Dr. Devkaran Singh, an enthusiastic Veterinarian dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our furry companions. With a passion for animal health and a keen eye for diagnostics, I am passionate towards Veterinary medicine. My love for nature and pets started at an early age. I adore pets and have a passion for animal welfare and care which led me to become an empathic and compassionate Veterinarian. Let’s work together to provide top-notch care for your cherished pets! My hobbies include listening to music and watching movies. I have a passion for entertainment and love being at the theatres!

Christine, RVT, Office manager

Hi, I’m Christine. I’m sure I look familiar; I have been at East Barrie since 2007! I am an RVT and the Office Manager. When I’m not busy keeping everyone in the clinic in line, I’m juggling my brood of fur babies at home: Quinn my 240 lb slobbery beast (dog not boyfriend) and my cats Leopold, Owen, Doyle and former AHEB cat, turned COVID relocatee Patch!

Jaime, Reception, Front Office Manager

Hi, I am Jaime, I have worked in the veterinary field for the last 25 years. I am the front office manager. In my spare time I love to sew and cricut and spend time with my two cats Kitt and Solo. 

Trinity, Technician

Hi, my name is Trinity! I graduated from Northern College Veterinary Technician program in May of 2023 and am currently working towards becoming Registered! On my days off I spend my time going on hikes with my German Shepard Emma and sometimes even my cat Eddy comes along in his backpack that he adores! I’ve always loved to work with animals and helping them is truly my passion. I have learned so much being with AHEB these past few months and I am very excited for my future here. 

Hey! I m Sara. I graduated from the Vet Office Administration and Veterinary Assistance
programs in 2017 from the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus. Since then I have
worked along side RVTs and DVMs in both general and emergency practices. I was born
and raised in the Barrie area and spend my free time with my 3 dogs: Diesel, Kobi-James
and our newest addition, Izzi.

Renee Carrique , Technician

Hi, I’m Renee! I graduated from the Georgian College Veterinary Technician program in
October 2022 and I am currently working towards getting my registration. When I am not
in the clinic I am taking my Cane Corso and French Bulldog out for a walk.

  • Dr. Surinder Gandhara, DVM
  • Dr. Vik Sharma, DVM
  • Christine Gleason, RVT
  • Magda Tomaszewska, VT
  • Amy Bambury, Veterinary technician
  • Siobhan Mckenny, Client services
  • Leah Travassos, Vet Assistant

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