This is a very important procedure in the life of a Pet. This helps them to:
  • Prevent unintentional mating
  • Prevents mammary cancer and prostate disease later in life
  • Prevents uterine infections and testicular cancer
  • In certain situations, prevents behavioural issues

Time at which these procedures are performed:

  • We strongly recommend spaying and neutering around 5-6 months of age **(certain exceptions exist depending on breed/sex of your dog). This is ideal before puberty is reached.

What precautions we take:

  • Though done routinely, these are major procedures. We recommend all spays and neuters have pre-surgical blood work done and be placed on IV fluids. This minimizes anesthetic risk.
  • All surgeries are monitored by trained technicians in the presence of our Doctors
  • Post-Operative pain control is of utmost importance, keeping our pets comfortable while they heal from surgery is imperative
  • We do not want our furry family members to lick or chew on their surgical incision. As such, we implement the use of e-collars (buster collars) or surgical onesies as preventative options
  • We place sub-cutaneous sutures (i.e. sutures under the skin) to minimize irritation. Certain exception apply (for instance, hyper active dogs, certain giant breed dogs etc).


  • Appointments can be made with a member of our Customer Care team
  • Rabies vaccination MUST be up to date for any elective surgery
  • Non clients welcome! We just need proof of up to date vaccines
  • Surgeries are performed Monday to Friday. We do not offer routine surgeries on Saturday’s


  • Although we highly recommend all elective surgeries be on intravenous (IV) fluids and have pre-anesthetic blood work done, they are available as ‘options’ (unless your pet is a ‘mature female’ – has had a heat, or is a senior pet – is over 7 years of age). However, we strongly recommended to get IV fluids and pre-surgical blood work done to minimize anesthetic risks.

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