Would it surprise you to know that 85% of pets over the age of one suffer from mild to severe periodontal disease? Well, it’s true!

Proper dental health can start at home! Implementing teeth brushing or specially formulated dental diets can help maintain good oral care.

Periodontal disease affects the gums and surrounding tissue. The key to dental disease prevention is to control the accumulation of plaque (above and below the gum line). Pets can suffer from bad breath (halitosis), anorexia (inappetance), pain, drooling, weight loss, bruxism (grinding or gnashing of teeth) and other systemic (body system) disease as a result of poor dental hygiene. 

Like some people, individual pets are genetically predisposed to develop dental disease at a younger age or experience a more severe dental problem.

We provide comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment at AHEB. This includes an initial assessment in the exam room and once consented, a detailed assessment under anesthetic. The detailed assessment includes probing the gums for any pathology, dental x-rays if needed, extractions and other advanced treatments based on your pets specific needs. We also offer thorough dental scaling and polishing.

The month of February is celebrated as “dental month” for our pets.

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